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The Straits Times life! music Page D4
July 24 2009

Media Correspondent:Boon Chan




Even with an album out, buskers katncandix2 say they will keep on singing

on the roadside



Singing can be a perilous occupation when you are performing on the streets.

In two years, Taiwanese duo katncandix2 have tangled with the police and even

had run-ins with unsavoury characters.


Speaking from Taipei to promote their debut album of breezy folk-pop Little

Flight, Shen Sheng-che, 27, and Chuang Chuang-ying, or Hsiao Chiu, 22, recall

the harrowing experiences they have had.


Chuang says: "There was this guy in his 30s who kept drinking alcohol as we

were singing and then he tried to feel me up from behind. I kept glaring at

him and trying to shift away. When the song ended, I asked him to stop what

he was doing."


On another occasion, after their performance in the busy Ximending area, a

man asked Chuang if she knew why there were so many policemen milling across

the street.


"It's because I had a huge knife in my hand all this time," he told her.


Shen contributes an incident from when they first started out two years ago.

He said: "We quarrelled with the cops at the police station for an entire

afternoon because they were under the impression that we could not perform

in public but we had already received official approval."


Guitarist-composer-producer Shen and lyricist-singer Chuang, who have denied

that they are a couple, met each other through a singing competition. Shen was

then a music producer's assistant and supplemented his income by busking.


Chuang says in her girlish voice: "Once, he said he was off to work. It was

then that I found out that he was a street performer. I tagged along out of

curiosity and thought it was pretty cool. Other than making money, it was a

way to let people hear your voice."


So they got together as a duo and took a test in order to get their busking

licence from Taipei's Cultural Affairs Bureau. From the start, Chuang faced

strong objections from her parents.


"They felt that I should be studying or working in a proper job instead. My

father's friend asked him: 'Don't you think your daughter is like a beggar?'

He got even angrier after he heard that," she recounts.


Shen's family was a lot more supportive as his elder brother is an artist as

well. He says their attitude was more along the lines: "Do what you want as

long as you don't get into drugs." With the release of Little Flight by a

major record label, Chuang's family has become a lot more supportive.


Even with the music deal, katncandix2 say they will continue to perform on the
streets as "that is where we come from and where out roots are".


"Every time we perform, it's like a new experience. And when our audience
encourage us, we feel that busking's not so tough," says Shen.


Chuang adds: "We're not idols so we can do just what we like."


Oddly enough for an indie group, they picked a name, Mian Hua Tang (Chinese

for "candy floss"), that immediately brings to mind the successful boyband

Bang Bang tang or Lollipop.


Shen laughs and explains: "I had known Hsiao Chiu for about half a year and

I thought her voice was soft and fluffy and very comforting, like candy



"She can sing both sentimental ballads as well as the more sweeping numbers,

just like cotton candy is flexible and can be stretched."


Chuang adds: "And I couldn't think of any other name."


But being named after a food item has a unique benefit. "Because of that, our

fans will buy candy floss for us," she says.


Shen quips:
"Maybe we should call ourselves Fried Chicken Cutlets instead."





Little Flight is out in stores.









聖哲說 早知道就應該改名為炸雞排XD

(那粉絲就會送炸雞排不送棉花糖給你們吃了齁? 哈哈哈哈哈哈)

棉花糖→炸雞排 好跳痛 :p


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